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    christie Garrett

    Christie Garrett <>
    11:29 AM (7 minutes ago)

    to wordpress
    Sorry Susan,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me!
    This is my first time asking for information
    OK – I’ll try again… I was pretty upset about this, feel it’s my fault
    for moving the hive into an 8-frame, it was a rough transition

    So, #1 the 8 Frame hive has 2 Deep, 1 Medium hive bodies.

    #2 how to count the bees left? there were a normal amount of bees
    in one deep, not so many in the 2nd deep, and a few in the medium super.

    #3 I am thinking the bees left are probably fairly young, their abdomen are still
    mostly black, (I have observed that the abdomen changes color getting lighter as they age)
    So if they all hatched right after we last inspected they could be as much as 4-6 weeks old.

    #4 I only have this one hive ( I know, I should have two, but working full time, it would be problematic
    to have more than one. ) Now I know why I need two – and since I switched them to an 8 frame I can now work alone
    and not have to wait til my son or daughter is available to help me lift the bodies.

    #5 When we changed out the 10 Frame for the 8 Frame,about 4-6 weeks ago, the Queen had laid eggs in the super. She had a tendency to
    lay eggs upwards, leaving the bottom body only half full of brood. So historically, we would have to switch the middle deep for the bottom one,
    assuming she was in the middle.
    We have only seen her once in the year and a half she’s been with us. She really liked to hide!

    So, when we went back to check on the colony this past weekend, there was absolutely no brood, I guess maybe a dozen drone cells, and
    2 queen cells in the middle of the frames. The Queen cells were not capped, and as far as we looked, it didn’t look like there were any
    larvae in them.
    I have read that the hive sounds really different when the Queen isn’t there. The book was right. The bees were really quiet,
    Only one bee was mad enought to buzz us, the rest were just crawling around the frames, not paying us any attention. We only smoked them
    once when we began our inspection
    I inspected for ant predation, none so far –
    There is a bit of hive beetle problem… we killed 3 during our inspection and 3-6 were in the beetle trap
    No moths and no bad smells

    #6 Yes, I have read that to save the hive I need brood (if the workers are young enough to make a queen), but since I only have the
    one hive I’m out of luck on that.

    #7 If you or anyone knows of a swarm, I can come pick it up. I do have a nuc box, (trying to catch another swarm) the lizards took it
    over last winter ๐Ÿ™‚ I can shoo them out.

    #8 I live in Arcadia right behind the Arboretum… you would think I could get a swarm easily.., but haven’t seen any come my way.
    I have a call in to see if there is a swarm over there that I can go get.

    I really appreciate your answering my email, and I will let you know how this turns out. Hear me sigh, the hive was doing so well…

    Christie Garrett
    (626) 222-8544 cell
    (626) 282-8443 ext 14 work
    304 N Old Ranch Rd

    in reply to: Beekeeping Questions #8475

    christie Garrett

    Help! No Queen/No Brood!… and I do mean NO BROOD~ Just honey and nectar.
    Workers are just demoralized.
    I have maybe 12 cells of drone,
    one cell of worker bee.

    I live in Arcadia right behind the Arboretum.
    Think what happened is we switched from a 10 frame hive
    to an 8 frame hive about 4-6 weeks ago.
    Looks like I rolled the Queen ๐Ÿ™

    I’ve read about this, but (of course) never thought it would happen to me.
    What to do??

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