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National Honey Bee Day

Sanctuary Group Jump 2013

2013 Theme: “Beekeeping – Ask Me How to Get Started”
Saturday August 17th, 2013 (10am-4pm)
@ LUSH: 1404 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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On August 17th join HoneyLove as we celebrate National Honey Bee Day to honor the insect responsible more than 1/3 of the food we eat with beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and associations, and honey bee enthusiasts from all across the country. We take this opportunity to celebrate honey bees and recognize their contribution to our everyday lives as a means of protecting this critical species for future generations. We also pay homage to beekeepers, whose labors ensure we have bees to pollinate our crops. Join us August 17th online and in person!


Do The Waggle Dance! Join our Flash Mob!

We hope to inspire honeybee themed flash mobs all across the country! Join us as we shake our stingers from coast to coast and send us your videos. You can learn the dance we choreographed and plan your own flash mobs wherever you live, or if you are in Los Angeles you can join us @ 2pm when we perform it live at The Third Street Promenade. You can upload your videos HERE.


Organize something in your neighborhood!
It can be as simple as just taking a photo with / of your bees, or if you’re up for an adventure you can get the kids doing the waggle dance at home or organize full-out flash mob somewhere public! Throw a party with your bee club or visit a local Lush store, whatever you do send us your photos and videos!


Celebrate bees on the interwebs! Here’s how:
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Click here to download the handout (shown above)!

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