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  • in reply to: Baited hive. Next steps? #8830

    Education (both research and hands on) and getting all necessary beekeeping gear (including a suit and a well stocked first aid kit/EpiPen) are the first steps to becoming a responsible urban beekeeper. We all need to do our part to keep the beekeeping community in the best of standing with our neighbors and the city!

    Here is a list of recommendations we put together before thinking of getting your own bees:
    beekeeping equipment

    We also encourage you to join us each month at the HoneyLove Sanctuary to learn hands on how to handle bees BEFORE getting them in your own backyard:

    Please help us to make LA a safe and responsible place for urban beekeeping to thrive!

    Holy crud Karim! That was crazy!

    in reply to: HL Urban beek symposium #8763

    Hi Susan, this is going to be a monthly meetup (similar to the one we had last Sunday) for people to bring their questions and experiences to help out the group.

    in reply to: Yellow Tie Event! #8480

    Interested in carpooling to the event? Let’s try this site to help us arrange rides for people!

    in reply to: Workshop 3/30: Creating a Bee & Butterfly Habitat Garden #8113

    I just posted it on our HoneyLove facebook page! =)

    in reply to: Queen Rearing Workshop with Les Crowder – Photos #8039

    LOVE the photos! Thanks so much for posting Karim! =)

    in reply to: Recipe for Salted Honey Butter. #7929

    Love it! Posting to facebook now =)

    TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes

    1/4 pound (1 stick) unsalted butter, at cool room temperature
    2 1/2 tablespoons honey, preferably raw wildflower
    1 tablespoon coarse sea salt, such as Hawaiian red alaea or Maldon

    Using a mixer (either hand or standing), whip butter and honey together until smooth and fluffy. Fold salt in gently with a rubber spatula. Serve soft or at room temperature, with a few extra grains of salt on top.

    YIELD: 2/3 cup

    Salted Honey Butter

    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7837

    Council adopted Planning and Land Use Management Committee Report, as amended, forthwith.

    This friendly amendment (suggested at the council meeting last Wednesday by Councilmember Tom LaBonge CD-4) opens up our motion from SINGLE FAMILY (R1) Residential Zones… to ALL Residential Zones.

    If you live in Council District 4, we’d love for you to send Tom a thank you note for his support!

    Actually, if you live ANYWHERE in Los Angeles… send your councilman a thank you note for their support!!

    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7820

    For those interested in creating similar legalization efforts in their own cities, (or looking for more information on our legalization work here in Los Angeles)… please see our Legalization Packet below (also available on our resources page):


    As common little beekeepers, it is not in our power to write laws unfortunately =) but if you take a look through the packet above you will find a copy of our “feasibility study” conducted through the Mar Vista Community Council. Inside this study is a matrix of cities from around the United States who do allow beekeeping and the rules and regulations they adopted. This document has proven to be a great starting point for many cities around country who have already used our efforts here in Los Angeles to help change laws in their cities!

    Interested in helping with the legalization process here in Los Angeles? Join us! We’d LOVELOVELOVE for your help! Or you can also send a letter directly to the LA Planning Department with your opinions, learn more here:



    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7813

    LA City Council

    Thank you to everyone who came out in support yesterday! Special thanks to Maritza Przekop, Martin Schlageter, Andy Shrader, Kirk Anderson, Ceebs Bailey and all the amazing HoneyLovers and Neighborhood Councilmembers and community stakeholders who have helped us to get to where we are today!!

    Here is a quick summary of the day:

    Before the council meeting we had a press conference on the steps of LA City Hall with some great speakers/guests including:
    LA City Councilmembers Paul Koretz (CD5), Mike Bonin (CD11), Jose Huizar (CD14) and Mitch O’Farrell (CD13)
    Sharon Commins, President, Mar Vista Community Council
    David King, Founding Chair, Seed Library of Los Angeles
    Amadeo Delgado, Owner, Canaan Honey
    oh yes.. and us… Rob and Chelsea McFarland,

    After the press conference, we went inside and the meeting began. Council was very nice to us and grouped all 3 of our motions together… and it came out unanimous 15-0 for all three motions!

    Next step, the motions go to Planning Department for “study” which will take a few months, then it will return to council for another vote.

    And…. oh yes… there was SO MUCH PRESS COVERAGE!!

    Associated Press

    LA Times

    LA Times (part 2)

    Time Magazine

    KPCC 89.3

    ABC News

    KTLA 5 News

    Fox 11 TV News





    LA Curbed

    There are more articles out there… but you get the idea =) YAY BEES!!!

    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7717

    Vote has officially been pushed to the 12th… hope you can still make it!

    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7670

    As far as I know Ed, this could be THE vote!!
    It is our first time presenting in front of the full city council.

    (HEADS UP: Date might be pushed a week to the next Wednesday 2/12… I will update with details as SOON as I get them)

    in reply to: 3 BEE VOTES @ LA City Council!! #7668

    Canoga Park Neighborhood Council UNANIMOUSLY voted in favor of URBAN BEEKEEPING (thanks to HoneyLover Ceebs for leading the charge tonight)!! That makes a total of 17 councils + ARC Los Angeles – Alliance of River Communities!! YAY BEES!!
    Legalize Urban Beekeeping

    in reply to: New Beekeeper Advice #7665

    Great ideas Walker & Susan! Thanks!

    in reply to: New Beekeeper Advice #7646

    Love it! Thanks Ceebs! I just updated the page with your suggestion!
    STEP 3: Get your hands sticky!
    The single best way to learn is to get some hands-on mentoring: before you get bees, while you have bees, and then pay it forward and become a mentor! You can join us at the HoneyLove Sanctuary the 3rd Sunday of each month in Moorpark, CA—check the events page for full details on how to join us!

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