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KCRW: Making LA a bee-friendly city

by Saul Gonzalez [KCRW]


“In many parts of the world honeybees are in trouble, with their populations in sharp decline. That decline has scientists, environmentalists, farmers and bee lovers worried because of the bees/ importance to pollination and, thus, agriculture.

But there’s some good news: here in Los Angeles the wild bee population is thriving, with as many as a dozen hives per square mile in some neighborhoods. And where there are bees there are beekeepers. L.A. has a surprisingly big community of urban beekeepers who have backyard hives. These urban beekeepers are motivated both by their love of straight, fresh-from-the-hive honey and a desire to do something to help save the global bee population.

However, when it comes to municipal rules and regulations, urban beekeeping in the City of L.A. isn’t explicitly legal. Urban beekeeping advocates, led by a group called HoneyLove, are trying to change that.  They’d like to see the city adopt rules and regulations that both promote urban beekeeping and safeguard wild bee hives reported by the public.”


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3 Responses to KCRW: Making LA a bee-friendly city

  1. Molly Greacen June 21, 2014 at 1:45 pm #

    Hello, so great to see your news! Boulder, Colorado is going Bee Safe! My neighborhood in north Boulder has become the first in Colorado and news is spreading fast! Please check out our article:
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    Many thanks,
    Molly Greacen from Bee Safe Neighborhoods

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  3. Molly Greacen May 6, 2015 at 6:09 pm #

    Boulder has become an official Bee Safe City!

    please read Beyond Pesticide’s blog today about this –

    We are hoping that some of you good folks would donate to our online fundraiser:

    Many thanks and best wishes for all the bees!

    Molly Greacen for Bee Safe Boulder

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