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    Reuben Valles

    Hello fellow Honeylovers,

    From Pierce-Mieras….
    I have some brand new painted deeps with the ultra cool foundationless frames from Pierce-Mieras. My lady Beeks just prefer to use the mediums, so i am selling these unused hive bodies. I have 5 deep hive bodies for sale. 4 have the foundationless frames and one hive body is just the box. the boxes are like 3 months old and have been in my garage.

    I will sale the one empty painted hive body for $20 bucks.
    The four painted hive bodies with the foundationles frames are $40 bucks each.

    Remember these are unused, painted, with the very nice metal inside the box frame rail, and foundationless frames (these frames are like 33 bucks per 10 frames alone!)

    310 663 5965


    Reuben Valles

    Hives still available!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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