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Who knew I already had a hive?

Home Forums HoneyLove Forum Who knew I already had a hive?

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    Emily Van Voorhis

    My hubby is the pastor of a church in Glendale and we’ve had a hive in the roof eaves for several years. My husband said he tried to exterminate them a few years ago (booo) but luckily it was unsuccessful and now that he’s learned more about bees, he just wants to leave them alone. They are currently 3 stories up in the external eaves of the roof. I don’t think they pose a problem to anyone, do they? He actually read somewhere that having bees in your building was seen as a blessing, so he just decided awhile ago to leave them “bee”.

    He did say that there seemed to be a major die off a few weeks ago—he found a ton of bodies on the sidewalk under the hive. Is there anything that we should do differently? Right now we just leave them alone—you’d have to use a crane to get them. I don’t think they will do any significant damage. The building has been there for 60 years already and they are high enough up that I don’t think anyone will even notice them. It is in an urban area (on Central Avenue across from Embassy Suites and next to the freeway), but I think they seem to be doing well there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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