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What should i do with my Brood Box as we go into winter

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    Reuben Valles

    My hive currently has one 10 frame brood box and 2 supers (mediums) on top. Im polling everyone with how to handle my brood box as we go into winter. The lower super has 6 full frames of capped honey and 4 partially capped frames. The upper super has 2 full frames of honey and 4 partially full honey, and some wax being drawn in the other 4 frames.

    Now the brood box has drone comb on the outside frames (#s 1 and 10). The 4 inside frames (#s 4-7) have eggs and larvae, and capped brood in a very good laying pattern without many gaps. frames #2 #3 and #8 #9 have honey, nectar, capped honey, pollen of various colors. Frame 2 had one swarm cell.

    I feel like i want to add a second brood box with what Im seeing, but not sure if thats a wise idea since we are going into winter. Its very hard to find info online or in books b/c our climate is different. Just wanted the forums thoughts. Is it really ok to add a new deep (brood box) this late in the season.



    Reuben Valles

    Thanks for the insight today at the mentoring session Rob, Ceebs, and Kirk. Im noticing that if you ask 10 different beeks their opinion about questions like the above aforementioned, you will get 10 different answers. It is all very helpful though. Judging by what ive been seeing in my hive and the hives we opened today at mentoring, i could do just fine by leaving my hive alone till January. The hive has plenty of honey, and the brood box is not overflowing and stuffed to the hilt yet. I think its just fine as is for a couple months.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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