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    susan rudnicki

    Hey Beeks—seems the newsletter from Eric Mussen that I get bi-monthly (he is head of UC Davis apiary the last 30 years and a strict conventionalist—DOES NOT like ferals) has some folks we know —Les Crowder, etc—speaking on the method of inducing resistance against mites and disease by simply letting Nature take its course!! Hey, that’s a idea for humans! What we do informally is being trotted out as something scientific because a particular personage is doing it. REad on here—Don’t know if this link will work….

    Eric Mussen

    8:23 AM (7 hours ago)

    to ucdavisbeenews, ziaqueenbees

    Here is the most recent issue of the newsletter. Please enjoy.
    SeptOct2013.pdf SeptOct2013.pdf
    613K View Download

    Rob McFarland

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for sharing. Not seeing think link, but I’m interested to learn what he’s saying about ferals & backwards beekeeping.

    Today we’re working on being able to subscribe to the entire forum (more like the yahoo group), and am hoping that anyone seeing this will respond with feedback.



    Rob McFarland
    Braden Smoot

    Very Cool, thanks!

    Austin bee removal

    Gary Golding

    Susan, Hello my name is Gary and I don’t how else to do this. It’s very confusing in here but I referred to by a man named Dennis I believe at the last Meetup. I live in El Segundo and he said you live in Manhattan Beach and I am interested in helping out with bees and possibly getting some. You can contact me at 310-488-2842.
    Thank you so much, Gary

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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About susan rudnicki

Been beekeeping almost 5 years now. Have 27 hives,(2 client hives) I work with the City of Manhattan Beach, re-homing bees in conflict with citizens. Allowed to keep bees at the Public Works yard (19 hives) in exchange for this work. I do many presentations for HoneyLove, teach bee students, rescue bees and sell honey.


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