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Wanted: Glendale Hive Rescue

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    Hi HoneyLovers,

    Hive rescue needed in Glendale. It’s in a stucco over wood frame courtyard wall in front of a home. This is the third time the wall has been colonized by honeybees. The last hive I removed remained docile throughout the process and yielded a fair amount of honeycomb.

    The neighbors reported the hive to the authorities and it needs rescuing ASAP. The resident is looking for someone who needs bees and is willing to go get ’em. Will require breaking some stucco to access all the comb and bees.

    Please contact me if you’re interested and I’ll provide contact info.


    Max Morgan

    Bee Specialist (877.227.2596), one of HoneyLove’s approved bee removal companies, has a technician who lives in the Glendale area and does bee removals. You might want to give them a call.


    Eric Young

    I am looking for a swarm. And since I have empty hive boxes with no comb–I would be happy to help on a cut out. Unfortunately, I work during the day and this next Saturday in the morning. But I could help Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday if this cut–out could occur then.

    If helping does not work–I would still be interested in taking the cut out hive. My number is 818-391-6447. Eric


    Eric Young

    I live in North Hollywood and am close to Glendale


    Eric Young

    I spoke to the person needing the rescue today. He was hoping someone might volunteer to do the cut out. Since I have never done one–I had to turn it down. But if someone goes and needs help–just let me know.


    Ruth Askren

    Just a word of warning about “professional” bee rescuers, like Ron the Bee Specialist- – make sure you know for a fact exactly where they plan to house your removed bees. You should always ask for an address for the bees new home. A lot of people say, “Oh I give them to local beekeepers.” ??? Ask for cross streets and google map it. There is a LOT of fakery out there, where supposedly pro people are actually removing the bees and comb and dumping them in a field; that is unethical and just as bad as a dumpster. Buyer Beware!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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