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Used Hardware, suits, tools for sale 1/2 price

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    brian scotti

    well heres the entire list of items i have left over. im interested in finding someone who wants to buy it as a package instead of just cherry picking. This way i wont be stuck with leftovers. if i would of had the opportunity to by my gear this way i would have saved quite a bit of money.

    2 – clean/suits complete (helmet, vail, gloves) size 42R brand Berne, clean, new condition $50 each
    1- smoker (new condition, reg size) $10
    2- hive tools $5
    6- mat knives (comb cutting tools) free
    12- Deep super boxes (some new some not) $108
    4- Med Super boxes (1 yr old) $32
    4- Top Boards $36
    3- Bottom boards $27
    35- Deep frames (dry comb) $35
    30- Deep frames (empty) $15
    12- med frames with foundation $12
    1- homemade entrance landing ramp free
    1- tool tray free
    frame wire, grommets and grommet tool for making frames $5
    1- cardboard nuc box for swarms $1
    1- lemongrass oil (for attracting swarms to your swarm trap) $1
    2 yrs of bee culture magazines free
    Box of scrap burlap (alot) for your smoker $5
    5- jar feeders $10

    all total with the prices at 1/2 of original price and all the free stuff its coming in around $400

    Well thats the bulk of it. i am open to the possibility of selling the suits separately but the hardware im interested in selling as a complete package. i would imagine that a newbie would be interested in the suits and someone who wants to go big and increase the amount of hives they have would be interested in the hardware. Anyway im located in Tujunga and your welcome to stop by and check it out. My cell is (323) 552-6813. thanks from brian ps give me a call with any detail questions.

    Max Morgan

    I didn’t know Berne made bee suits. Are they actual bee suits or just white coveralls?

    brian scotti

    there the suits that are sold at l.a. honey for 100$ dollars and when you start adding items like helmets and gloves i think were in the 130 range.. 50$ sounds like a good price to me

    brian scotti

    suits are gone, good deals go fast

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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