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Small Hive Beetle Control

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    Does anyone know an effective method to control small hive beetle numbers in a hive? A natural way. It’s a strong colony, however, I discovered a few dozen of them corralled by the bees right on migratory cover from inside. I don’t see any damage caused by them, though. Thanks of any insight on the subject.


    Ruth Askren

    I have been trying different things but don’t have the perfect solution.

    The Freeman Bottom Board is a well-crafted piece of woodenware made for the sole purpose of controlling SHB. so far it does a good but not perfect job for me.

    Moisture is preferred in SHB pupae hatching grounds under your hive. Therefore shady earth with a lot of leaf litter is prime SHB ground. Laying down some paving stones instead is a good idea.

    Don’t water or irrigate around your hives.

    The other important factor is density of bees in the hive. If you have a lot of empty combs it would be better to compress the hive size down so that each frame is full of bees. They can do a better job of controlling the shb’s that way. Don’t leave any empty frames if possible.

    Always kill as many as you possibly can. Each female adult can lay several thousand eggs.

    Any other ideas I would love to know about!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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