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Santa Monica Yard Available

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    Mona Simpson

    I have a large yard in Santa Monica, with fruit trees, mature eucalyptus, a pool and many gardens. We would like to host some bees.
    ps — I have a friend with an ENORMOUS beautiful yard in Alta Dena who would also like to host.

    We would like someone who would maintain his or her bees for the most part.


    David B

    Hi Mona,
    Please email me at



    Annie Dorgan

    Hi Mona, I may be interested the yard in Alta Dena. May I have the contact info of your friend? here is my email:


    Karim Sahli

    Good to know.
    Thank you for reaching out!
    How many hives would you want to host?


    Mona Simpson

    I’m not sure, Karim. I’m new at this, so maybe 2 to start with?


    Karim Sahli

    Hi Mona,
    Before I pay you a visit, I have a bunch of easy but crucial questions:

    Can you tell us more about your property location? Beach? Downtown? Residential?
    Is it next to a school?
    Did you ask your direct neighbors?
    Do your direct neighbors have kids? Or pets? Or a swimming pool?
    Are the utilities (gaz, electricity) in that part of the property?
    Is there an easy access from the street? (so we don’t have to go through the house each time)

    Do you want to simply host the bees and that’s it?
    Do you expect some honey in exchange?
    Are you planning to be a beekeeper and learning in the process?


    Mona Simpson

    Dear Karim,

    Thank you.
    I’m in a residential neighborhood relatively near the beach. Not next to a school.

    My neighbors do have pets. One has a small dog,the other a cat.
    I have a beloved dog. I have been told the bees will not go after the pets. WIll they? I don’t expect the pets would disturb the bees. Will they?
    Oh, I also have a bird, but he is mostly inhouse.

    I have a swimming pool. So do the neighbors. My neighbor to the west also has a koi pond
    Is this a problem?

    We can easily arrange access.

    I’m not sure what you mean by utilities. Plugs? I’m not sure there are outlets but we could run an extension.

    I would hope to split the honey and to learn.

    Let me know what you think.
    perhaps we should talk a bit more. Do you want to call me?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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