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looking to help and lern im a bigener

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    Ejinio Carrillo

    hi my name is E.J i had a swarm come in to my back yard and in to a trash can and my love for bees started i picked up a book read up on then found a bee keepers store picked up a box and bee suit and was lucky to have found the qween bee and moved them to there new home.
    im now looking to lern more about the fist hand by helping others by interreacting with them so if any one needs help with bees please look me up my number is 818-796-9948


    susan rudnicki

    Hi, EJ—I am the Forum Moderator who answers questions. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest you join our community of beekeepers of all levels of experience to get the support that will benefit your learning. We have monthly meetings with a speaker and bee topic and you have the chance to interact with the other attendees to ask questions and explore techniques. It can take a couple years to become really confident with beekeeping problem solving and hive management, so you want to KEEP READING and learning. You don’t say what book you read, but I would highly recommend the book listed on our “Resources” tab of the website “Saving the Bees…” by Rob and Chelsea McFarland We want to keep bees without chemicals and as naturally as possible. The wild bees you caught will be a VERY good start—they DO NOT need chemical treatments for mites or other pests. Please tell us what city you live in. Also, explore this website for more information on meetings and opportunities to learn. We hope to see you, so introduce yourself when you come out!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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About Ejinio Carrillo

i em a beginner and a swarm of bees came too my house and decided to nest in one of my trash cans i watched every morning how hard they work so i got a book and read about them and just how incredible bees truly are so i bought my fist bee sout and bee box and learned how to get them in to there new home. i'm looking too learn more and help any one that may need it


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