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hey newbees!!! im looking to sell my hives and gear so i can move

Home Forums Bulletin Board hey newbees!!! im looking to sell my hives and gear so i can move

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    brian scotti

    hey everybody!!! nice to bee in touch with the organic beekeeping community again. some of yall might remember me and my wife from backwards beekeeping days over in atwater village. well life changes, we had a baby and now were looking to get our house on the market for sale this year. gonna have to sell off our hives and im sure theres some newbees out there who would be interested. we currently have 5 healthy established colonies, we live over in tujunga (2 and 210), also have alot of empty supers,top and bottom boards, feeders, frames, hardware, and a honey extractor to also sell. So give me a call (323) 552-6813 and hopefully you can stop by and use a thing or two. if i get half of what i paid for things i will be happy and i wish i would of had this opportunity when i was buying gear years ago. see ya soon and thanks from brian

    susan rudnicki

    HI, Brian—Susan here, who handed off some swarm boxes to you at one time. Sounds like a good group you are selling. Have you been managing them well with at least monthly inspections of the colony brood nest and comb straightness issues? It would be helpful to responders to describe the hives themselves in more detail, as we have many more inexperienced beeks than knowledgeable ones.

    1) how old are they?
    2) what kind of hives (TBH or Langs) and the size of the hive bodies and number of boxes?
    3) what kind of management have you done with them?

    It sounds like you have some lead time on this sale project, so please try to interview prospective buyers for suitability to take hives—education, experience, mentoring, possession of protective clothing and tools, etc. We want to promote a safe and careful community of beeks that shows urban beekeeping in the best light. This will happen with thoughtful placement and training. Thanks a lot Susan

    brian scotti

    well, that didnt take long. i have secured a buyer for the hives. if i have any extra equipment left over then i will 4 sure post it and let you know. thanks from brian

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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