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Help! Need assistance with a new nuc!

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    Claudia Smith

    I’m supposed to pick up a nuc of bees tomorrow (6/17) in Chatsworth, at 9am. I have a problem, though. My ex-hubby was supposed to help me. I thought the bees would be available two weeks ago, when he could have helped me but he’s in England now. There’s a longer story, which I will be happy to share with any kind soul that can help me unload the nuc from my car (will be in a deep hive box) and put them at their new hive.

    I’m new at this, am 5’3″, and not very strong. I’m not sure I can do this alone. I looked all over the web for some instructional video, to no avail. I came upon this site, and am thrilled there is a support group nearby. I just became a member, and would like to become more involved but for now is there anybody out there that can help me? I don’t want to endanger my new bees OR myself!!

    Thank you!
    Claudia Smith


    Claudia Smith

    By the way, I’m in Venice Beach, if that helps!


    susan rudnicki

    Claudia—A nuc of bees is just 5 deep frames and you should have no trouble getting it in or out of your car. If you do not know how to put them in a full size Langstroth hive body (which holds TEN frames) I would recommend you just allow them to enter and leave from their nuc until you round up someone with knowledge to mentor you. We have a number of members up in your area. You do not mention what education you have done to learn about beekeeping, but there are a number of recommended books on this site that you should read at least ONE of them before you go much further. Education is key to being safe in the urban environment (where most folks are not beekeepers) and learning the intricate social structure of the bee colony. We also strongly recommend hooking up with and paying a mentor to guide you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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