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empty deep super boxes and full size frames for sale 1/2 price

Home Forums Bulletin Board empty deep super boxes and full size frames for sale 1/2 price

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    brian scotti

    hey everybody. ok, so the hives and gear got sold really fast. here is what is left over. im asking just half of what i paid for them. heres the list:

    3 empty full supers (2 are brand new just made and painted, one is used but good condition
    28 empty full frames (built but no foundation)
    wire and grommets and tool for building frames
    16 full frames with empty honeycomb in them (useful for making traps or nukes)
    1 used cardboard nuke box
    a bunch of burlap for your smoker
    about 20 back issues of bee culture magazines

    well give me a call (323) 552-6813 if your interested in putting the last of this gear to work. i live in tujunga (2 and 210)
    we will figure out a rock bottom low price that will be a real deal. thanks from brian

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    susan rudnicki

    For the benefit of newbees and all who may not be lingo saavy—

    General rule when speaking of hive body sizes—“supers” means simply “above” (as the pre-fix “sub” means “below”) so can be a deep, a medium, or a shallow hive body. These take different frame sizes and though a medium frame can be used in a deep, the reverse is not possible. Please always use specific designations. Ditto for the “full frames”—one does not know what size these are—deeps or mediums—the most commonly used sizes.
    A “nuke box” (actually “nuc” or short for “nucleus hive box”) is a 5 frame (deeps or mediums will work) box used for small cutouts or swarms or raising queens—so half the size of a full Langstroth hive. The smaller size allows the bees to easily patrol their home for invaders, keep the brood nest warm, and grow till enough vigor to occupy a full hive body—deep or medium.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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