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    For all posts regarding the sale/donation/trade of honey bees or beekeeping equipment, please use our new bulletin board forum and give full descriptions of your situation:

    -How many boxes, deeps and mediums?
    -Brood nest and honey storage areas?
    -How old is the colony?
    -Is it from a swarm, cutout, other?
    -How often have in-hive inspections been done?
    -What would be your assessment of the colony’s attitude to inspection in the brood nest? With proper smoking and preparation, of course.

    NOTE: This forum does not necessarily reflect the opinions or practices of HoneyLove.


    Brie Walter

    Selling two beehives. $250/each.

    Each is 3 medium boxes (10 frames) deep, on stands.

    Bottom boxes are full of brood. Top boxes more honey.

    These have been great bees. I split the hive last spring to better manage their rapid growth. Both hives have queens and are established.

    They have been feral bees, treatment free. They originally showed up in our bird house 4 years ago, and we did a cut out and relocated them in our back yard. We’ve moved them several times to various host properties, and they’ve withstood the moves well.

    Unfortunately because of work schedules this year, we need to sell them.

    email me if interested please. They are currently in Redondo Beach, and you would need to transport them, but we can help you lift them into your truck and help strap them.

    If you are just getting started, we have some other supplies as well.

    Brie: email:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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