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Bees wanted in Valley Village

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    Jen Petrovich

    Hi everyone-

    For all you bee rescue folks, we’re looking for a swarm. Our bees took off last Fall. We’ve been keeping bees now for 4 years, have all the equipment and organic surroundings. Let me know!

    Jen Petrovich



    There may be some individuals on this list who can help you but HoneyLove does
    not do bee rescues.
    Requests are referred to Bee Allies. You might contact them.


    Jen Petrovich

    Thanks Dennis! Yes, was hoping another participant in the forum would be a swarm rescuer or be able to refer me. I reached out to Bee Allies. Thanks!!


    susan rudnicki

    The key to being self sufficient is to make some contacts with folks encountering swarms in the wider environment. That might be tree trimmers, remodeling contractors, house builders, gardeners, municipal agencies (police, fire, public works) garden centers and pest control businesses. Call up some of these and let them know you want to be notified when swarms show up, as swarm season has been going on for at least a month. Get your nuc box with frames of drawn comb ready so you are prepared at a moments notice. You should know how to get your own swarms, so also check into the methods of setting swarm traps in your vicinity. The Treatment Free beekeepers FaceBook group talks about it all the time.


    Jen Petrovich

    OK great!

    Clearly I misunderstood & now know that in So. Cal there aren’t bee rescuers that are looking for homes for the bees.

    I’ll go ahead & buy ’em retail. I work way too many hours a week to be available to trap swarms.


    Eric Young

    Did you get bees eventually? I may have a hive I need to relocate and/or donate to someone.


    Jen Petrovich

    Hi Eric!

    Yes, we bought bees this year. Three weeks in, they’re doing great! Thanks for asking.



    susan rudnicki

    Hi, Eric—just be sure to follow the HL post guidelines if you are getting rid of a hive. There needs to be some disclosure and the colony should be listed on “Bulletin Board” Here is the text from the website—

    For all posts regarding the sale/donation/trade of honey bees or beekeeping equipment, please use our new bulletin board forum and give full descriptions of your situation:

    -How many boxes, deeps and mediums?
    -Brood nest and honey storage areas?
    -How old is the colony?
    -Is it from a swarm, cutout, other?
    -How often have in-hive inspections been done?
    -What would be your assessment of the colony’s attitude to inspection in the brood nest? With proper smoking and preparation, of course.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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