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    beth abels

    Greetings Friends of Bees:
    We got a call last week from L. A. County Ag. A neighbor called in. Anybody have any experience with the county around this issue. Suggestions? Has any one had the county come to their homes? Outcomes?

    Thanks for the input



    susan rudnicki

    Yes—I was inspected, unannounced, by Robert Weider, county apiary inspector who drove from Arcadia. My hives are all registered with the county, which only costs $10 a year for all of them, and I believe gives/gave me the stamp of legitimacy. Someone complained, (I suspect a disgruntled older beek who used to work for fees for the city and now is not on the list) but all was in order when Wieder visited, and he was here about 3 minutes. He went to the public works yard first, to see my 5 hives there and spoke to my sponsor, who gave me thumbs up. Here is Wieder’s note back to me—

    Good Morning Susan,

    The person that complained said that the bees were not being properly cared for and casting off swarms causing numerous neighbors to complain about the situation. After speaking with you, and the fellows over at public works I saw no evidence of this and will make a statement to this effect if the person calls back. I also explained that there is nothing in the Manhattan Beach Code prohibiting beekeeping.

    That’s about all of the information I have.
    Bob Wieder

    You should make sure the bees have a water source the inspector can see them using. Also, his main job is hazardous materials programs and small business inspections—he does not really know that much about bees. He is the third person to occupy the position since I became a beek about 3 years ago—gives you an idea of how the staffing is less than ideal. Susan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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