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    Cough Syrup
    Cough Syrup from the hive: Coconut Oil, Lemon Juice, Honey, Propolis
    *combine ingredients over a warm stove… store in the fridge


    ceebs bailey

    Here’s how I made a batch of bee propolis tincture.

    Honeybees make propolis by mixing beeswax with tree resins. These resins are natural germicides; propolis has antibiotic and antiseptic properties and is purported to also have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefits. Propolis is used as a dental treatment post-surgery, as a treatment for burns, minor wounds, infections, inflammatory diseases, dental pain, canker sores, sore throats, colds, you name it. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Collect propolis from the hive. I placed a propolis trap in a busy colony for a month or two. When it was filled, I stuck it in the freezer to more easily remove the propolis. It can be sticky.
    2. The propolis should be clean and free of wax, paint, bits of wood, etc. I shook small batches of propolis in a jar with water; the foreign pieces will float to the top.
    3. For processing, the propolis should be in small pieces. The smaller the better.
    4. I wanted a 30% tincture (the strongest recommended) and placed 700 grams of grain alcohol in a canning jar with 300 grams of clean propolis. I used grain alcohol so the tincture can be taken internally. If you want a topical-only tincture for wounds and such, you can mix with rubbing alcohol instead.
    5. I put the jar in a brown bag on the kitchen counter so I would remember to shake it two or three times a day. Let this mixture sit for at least two weeks.
    7. Finally, I strained it twice through coffee filters then bottled it up in half and one-ounce containers to share with friends.


    Suzan Tailor

    Wonderful, I have been beekeeping since last 9 years , but this is the best use of Propolis I have ever heard. I would share this post with my friends. If anybody wants to know more about Propolis visit this link.

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