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    susan rudnicki

    All beekeepers seeking help with the many technical issues inherent to beekeeping—please understand, beekeeping is not free of expense. Be prepared to pay experienced beeks for their expertise and time and fuel to address problems. This forum is being inundated with first time posters having technical issues or aggression issues and wanting help, but the implication is someone else should do this for free. Those of us having done mentoring the longest are getting burned out with responding to these pleas and can not cover them all, either with written responses or site visits.
    As a beekeeper, you should be networking ALL THE TIME with other beeks, mentors, going to meetings and conferences, helping others to learn (we work on a “pay it forward” model of service), reading bee literature constantly, rescuing bees when you can manage it, and availing yourselves of the many educational opportunities HoneyLove offers.
    Sorry if this is a shock, but this message needs to be articulated as there seems to be a misunderstanding in the club that there are no expenses for teaching/learning/technical problem assessment. Susan Rudnicki

    Ruth Askren

    I love browsing at Beesource. Here you will find some interesting philophical writings about bee husbandry and different approaches to the craft:

    Here’s another page there with a large number of resources, from articles about keeping feral bees to “build it yourself” plans:

    There are also several forums there, if you’re looking for a larger group to converse with.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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About susan rudnicki

Been beekeeping almost 5 years now. Have 27 hives,(2 client hives) I work with the City of Manhattan Beach, re-homing bees in conflict with citizens. Allowed to keep bees at the Public Works yard (19 hives) in exchange for this work. I do many presentations for HoneyLove, teach bee students, rescue bees and sell honey.


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