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Bee "attitude" towards people

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    Nick Forys

    Hi, so I was thinking of getting into beekeeping and I was wondering if a hive would bother or potentially sting someone next to, maybe 5 ft from the hive. The reason Im asking is that the only suitable place, I think, is located next to our garden so how would they interfere if I was working in the garden. The opening to the langstroth would be parallel to the garden patch, if that makes sense. Also, I may be going to next club meetup.


    Karim Sahli


    My bees are fairly nice. If I mind my own business, they mind theirs and I can be around without protection. You know about the true nature of a hive only one or two years later when it reaches a bigger size.

    I have two hives in my veggie gardens. My kids can safely stay two feet away from the hives if they are not in the fly path (think airplanes leaving and landing LAX).
    When in the path axis, I am usually 15 to 20 ft away so they do not bump into me.
    In other words, the orientation of the hive is key.

    But before getting a hive, I would recommend you to ask your direct neighbors and make sure it’s ok with them.
    If you have a high green barrier between the have and them, they should be ok.

    Welcome in the beekeeping world.

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    susan rudnicki

    HI, Karim makes good points—each colony of feral bees has a different “personality” and when they are small and new, they are almost always timid. Once established and grown-up —like teenagers—their behavior becomes more apparent and can run the gamut. Please be sure to attend as many meetings of our club that you can so you can meet other beeks and ask questions (the meeting on the 29th is perfect for you in subject) and read the basic book recommended on our site “Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping”
    PS something about your name is familiar to me…have we met on-line?


    Nick Forys

    Hah! Well I was the “teenager” (15) that was interested in starting around the end of the season last year. I actually read the Idiot’s Guide but I don’t remember much except something with 16, 21, and 24 days to emerge, which you told me to memorize. I got it at the library but it doesn’t seem to be there any more so I guess I’ll buy if I get the A-OK from the parents with the whole beekeeping thing.


    susan rudnicki

    Yes, GOOD! emergence intervals for the 3 members of the bee family in Apis mellifera! It is not a expensive book. Come to some meetings and go to the sanctuary hive days out in Moorpark so you can get in some hives Susan

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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