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Adopting swarm boxes—time sensitive issue

Home Forums HoneyLove Forum Adopting swarm boxes—time sensitive issue


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    susan rudnicki

    Beeks—I know it is sometimes hard to follow the daily flow of the posts for swarm box adoptions that I put up, but just to re-iterate—-the bees do not do well in confinement over more than a day. Keeping them for 2 or 3 days only means you will travel to pick up a box of mostly dead bees. You MUST be willing to come the same night the posts go up and install the swarm the SAME night to have the best chance of their viability. Please be sure you are set up to have the “Word Press digest” arrive first thing in the morning or late at night for you to see them to most advantage. I will give them to Josip if they are still hanging around after a day—I say this because I am getting calls from people trying to make it more convenient for themselves and not for the health of the colony. I would not insist if it were not the truth that they die quickly in boxes. I put up the posts as soon as I have the boxes arrive or I am taking swarms myself locally Thanks Susan



    i have just purchased my first hive and would be interested in adopting a swarm if you have any available. i live in redondo beach and can be very flexible…


    susan rudnicki

    Please call me—NO CELL, landline only must be taken tonight
    310-374-4779 I have no contact for you Susan


    susan rudnicki

    Beeks—please, please do not reply to this website and please always leave a contact phone for me to respond. My email is and phone, landline ONLY is 310-374-4779. calling on the phone is the quickest way for me to know your bee needs. thanks Susan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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About susan rudnicki

Been beekeeping almost 5 years now. Have 27 hives,(2 client hives) I work with the City of Manhattan Beach, re-homing bees in conflict with citizens. Allowed to keep bees at the Public Works yard (19 hives) in exchange for this work. I do many presentations for HoneyLove, teach bee students, rescue bees and sell honey.


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