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Active Beehive Free to a Good Home

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    Tom Fassbender

    Our family will be traveling for a year, so, as we’re hoping to rent the house during this period, I have to give up my active colony of bees (turns out not everyone is thrilled with having a beehive in the backyard).

    So If anyone is interested in an active hive (4 medium boxes), please drop me a line at

    The hive is located in Highland Park.


    susan rudnicki

    HI, Tom—thanks for listing the size/number of boxes of your hive. This would also be about the capacity of 2 deeps. We have a LOT of newbees trolling this site, so to make posts as educational as possible, we want to use full descriptions of colonies, whether being offered for sale, give-away or problem solving.
    Would you please give a few more facts about the colony so as to better describe the situation?
    1) How old is it and from a swarm or cutout?
    2) How often have in-hive inspections been done? Brood nest and honey storage areas
    3) You mention “active” a couple times—what would be your assessment of the colony’s attitude to inspection? With proper smoking and preparation, of course.

    Thanks for helping us learn Susan


    Tom Fassbender

    Hey Susan, sorry for the dearth of details in the post. I didn’t see a stickied “start here” or “posting guidelines” post for listing such things, so I winged it.

    And following up on the initial post, the bees have been claimed and will be in a new home later this week.

    Thanks to all who contacted me about the girls!


    susan rudnicki

    Tom—you are so right! And I am pestering our club to get with it and post just such a guide so people know what to do to be most helpful. We just are very concerned with newbees who can get in over their heads and have had such difficulties in the past. It is not safe for folks with limited mentoring or experience to take on too much without knowing.


    susan rudnicki

    By the way, all beeks reading this forum—we now have a bulletin board for posting all swarm boxes, hives for sale, trade or give away—also, when seeking a problem remedy for your own hives, it really helps folks trying to offer help if you follow this descriptive guideline! The owners of the website have posted the guidelines for the descriptions to be used defining the size and nature of the colony/colonies and how they have been managed. Please use this model in all future postings for hives and we will all learn better and faster!



    This hive has been adopted.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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