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Pollination Workshop feat. John Lyons

Big thanks to our speaker John Lyons for leading this year’s POLLINATION WORKSHOP, and thanks to Marina del Rey Garden Center for hosting!

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John Lyons designs, installs and maintains edible landscapes, orchards and CA native gardens as well as teaches at the LA Arboretum and Descanso Gardens. Most recently John developed a permaculture oriented garden at his home and worked on his first grey water swale garden in Altadena that was featured in the LA Times.



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3d animated short by Vladimir Loginov

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created by award-winning photo-journalist / beekeeper Kodua Galieti. 

We are the month of AUGUST Which you all know is an awesome month ? 

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Residents buzzing over urban beekeeping approval

“Traverse City officials approved a proposal to allow urban beekeeping within the city on Monday night.

Commissioners voted to amend zoning rules which will allow city residents to have up to two honey bee colonies or hives per property. The idea was initially brought up in may by a group of interested community members.

Since then, the commission says they have done a lot of research on the practice. Community members at Monday night’s meeting were very supportive of the idea and are happy with the outcome.”


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HoneyLove Beekeepers visit the garden!

“There was a buzz in the air when Chelsea from HoneyLove Beekeeping came to visit Farm King garden this week! Students were educated and entertained by all things bees. So much thanks to Chelsea and HoneyLove for opening up the students’ eyes to the wonderfully exciting and important role that bees play!”

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Help Us Save A Million Honeybees!!

Your support of our Indiegogo Campaign will allow us to take bee colonies to a safe haven instead of the city or property owner having them killed! In return you get your choice from a colony of sweet rewards. But the greatest reward is knowing you’ve done something to help the bees and our environment.

Click here to find out more about our plan and inspiration to rescue honeybees!

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LUSH buzzing about HoneyLove in their LUSH TIMES Christmas 2012 Edition!

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Bee Hive Rescue – Fascinating Stuff! 

“Every once in a while, bees find a home at Ocean View Farms organic community garden. Sadly, we can’t legally keep them there, but instead of calling the exterminators, a bee rescue team came to relocate them to a new home…

The bees had taken up residence in a storage box. Rob McFarland of lit a smoker to start the process. Smoke calms the bees, making them feel less threatened and easier to work with during the move…

Probably the most picturesque moment was when we discovered that the bees had built several layers of honeycomb around a garden rake in the storage box. It summed up the spirit of gardening and how intertwined we are with bees…

One of the perks was the gift of nectar. We took a little left over honeycomb home to eat as dessert. It was heaven on a plate.”

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