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We would love to help you become an urban beekeeper!

STEP 1: Find a mentor and local beekeeping community to join!
The single best way to learn is to get some hands-on mentoring: before you get bees, while you have bees, and then pay it forward and become a mentor. All aspiring beekeepers need to find a mentor or take classes before getting bees. Members of HoneyLove can join us at the Sanctuary the 3rd Sunday of each month in Moorpark, CA—check the events page for full details on how to join us!

Become a member here:

Save The Bees Book
STEP 2: Get educated!
Pick up a book or two and learn all you can about beekeeping BEFORE getting bees!
Check out Save The Bees BOOK – written by HoneyLove founders Rob & Chelsea McFarland


STEP 3: Get your gear!
Below is a list of the basic tools/gear we recommend to get started as an urban beekeeper. You can purchase these locally at a beekeeping store or online.

Below are links you can use to order your gear/supplies online:
*Mention HoneyLove in your order notes and they will donate 10% of your sale to our non-profit!

Full Bee Suit:


Hive Tool:


Bottom Board:

Top Cover:

Deep Hive Bodies (we recommend 2):

Deep Frames (ask for assembled / foundationless):

Medium Hive Bodies
(we recommend 2+):

Medium Frames (ask for assembled / foundationless):

Or you can visit our Local Los Angeles Beekeeping Supply Stores
(always a good idea to call ahead)

  • The Valley Hive – 9633 Baden Ave, Chatsworth CA 91311 | (818) 280-6500 *Mention HoneyLove and they will donate 10% of your sale to our non-profit!
  • Los Angeles Honey Co – 1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles 90063 | (323) 264-2383
  • Pierce-Mieras Manufacturing – 2536 Fender Avenue, Ste. A, Fullerton 92831
    (714) 447-3855 (ask for “Ray’s Special” aka foundationless frames)

 Other products available from (make sure to pick HoneyLove as your charity!):

Linseed Oil (to paint the outside of your hive)

5 Gallon Bucket

Bucket Organizer

Spray Bottles

Duct Tape

Rubber Bands

The bee-friendly plants, as well as a water source of your choosing you can pick up from your local nursery. The water source featured above is a terra cotta saucer (20″ or so) and some red river rocks or Mexican beach pebbles. Simply fill the saucer with the rocks and some water – this will serve as your bees water source and must be set up before getting your bees.

*If you would like a honeylove patch for your beekeepers suit – you can become a MEMBER of HoneyLove!
HoneyLove Patch
STEP 4: Get your hands sticky!
Keep us posted on your honey bee adventures—we would love to see photos from your apiary! Yay bees!!
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