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"We are in a dearth" – post via Susan Rudnicki

Home Forums HoneyLove Forum "We are in a dearth" – post via Susan Rudnicki


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    To all beeks in LA—we are in a dearth. Many of you have been feeding all summer, but I escaped the situation in June and half of July in the South Bay. Yesterday, taking off honey, though, I got a robbing situation that was pretty strong. Be aware—hives of less than a year old may very well NOT have the honey to yield to YOU that you wish to take. The craft of beekeeping means you need to find out and learn the signs of what the bees will need to keep going and restrain the impulse to take honey. The drought in California is prolonged and intense and this is one of the signs—small stores of honey in the hives

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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