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rescue bees!

Save the urban bees!  The beekeeping community is passionate about saving honeybee hives throughout the city. If there is a swarm that needs saving in your neighborhood, or if you know of an established hive that needs removal, please take the time to find a live-bee removal and re-homing service in your area! Extermination and pesticides are not options. Honeybees can be safely removed and re-homed with new urban beekeepers or community bee yards.

Swarm or Hive?  Knowing whether what you’re seeing is a swarm or a hive will help you describe them to a beekeeper. Is there a structure the bees are coming in and out of? Or is it just a mass of bees? If there’s a structure, it’s a hive. If not, it’s a swarm – bees looking for a new place to settle in and build a hive.



Honey Bees 911:

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Or you can click here to google a live-bee removal service!

Live Bee Removal/Relocation Best Practices

Live Bee Removal Best Practices

When you call a live-bee removal service, make sure to mention:
– the address of the bee colony
– contact information: name, phone number and email address
– how long the bees have been there
– what is the nature of the colony? In a wall? A tree? A barbecue? The attic?
– what do you see?
– are you positive that they are honeybees? This will help: