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Swarm in Mar Vista

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    Christy Wilhelmi

    I just found a swarm settling in on my neighbor’s wall on Westminster in Mar Vista. I tried to knock on the door, but he’s elderly and wouldn’t come to the door. I’ve reported it to the Hotline, but would love to have someone come save these bees before he calls an exterminator. I’m leaving a note on his door with the Hotline phone number and mine. The swarm is setting up a home on the cinderblock wall of a bougainvillea. No ladder needed. It was swarming about an hour ago and is clustering up now. I’m at 310-773-4806. Let me know if you are calling from the forum if you are.


    Christy Wilhelmi

    Addendum: I went over and talked to the son of the owner. He walked me around to another area where a colony of bees have set up a hive in a pile of stuff. So this is now 1 swarm and 1 hive rescue. David is the son, who can approve entry to the property. The side gate is unlocked and easily accessible. David: 310-562-0582. Please call him directly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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