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Swarm in Mar Vista Needs Rescuing

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    Christy Wilhelmi

    HI all, my neighbor down the street has a swarm in a flower pot, probably the size to fill half a nuc. It has been there about a week, so I’m assuming they’ve started drawing comb but can’t confirm it. She is looking for someone to come get the bees and give them a good home. She is willing to pay something for the help. Please contact her directly:

    Nancy – 310-397-3784

    I have her address but don’t want to post it here for security reasons. She’s near me on Westminster in Mar Vista.


    susan rudnicki

    Any responders—this WILL be a cutout, so know what you are doing by bringing the proper frames,knife for cutting, retentions (rubber bands or string for tying in the comb) and a nuc box. If you have no experience doing cutouts, find a more experienced beek from this club to help you. Failing to carefully re-home them can cause them to die or abscond. Best to LOOK OVER the job BEFORE you plan to do it so you can assess the size of the pot they are occupying and the population. I can tell you for certain, if a 8 pound swarm moved in, a week is plenty of time to build a sizeable amount of comb and brood. If a small swarm moved it, the situation is not so large. Help the bees establish by telling the homeowner they should stay on site a day or two and pick them up AT NIGHT, when they are all “in the barn”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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