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mentor needed in Los Feliz area

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    Hi there, I am a first-year beekeeper and have some bees in 2 supers on my roof in Los Feliz. Generally looking for a mentor to bounce stuff off of and help me inspect the hive this summer.

    More specifically, my bees seem a little irritable compared to others I’ve seen. Wondering if there is someone who can help me assess them (I got stung this weekend and am a little nervous now!) Want to make sure they are good to work with, especially for a newbie.



    I’m a newbie myself but I have hives that have varying degrees of defensiveness and it does depend on many factors but I’d say that if they repeatedly follow you a significant distance from the hive after an inspection then they are unusually defensive. And if they repeatedly bang into your veil while your are inspecting the hive you might want to request and try to get better genetics.

    I’m in Glendale and am willing to be a fellow beek and you’re welcome to call and ask questions etc. I don’t think I’d qualify as a mentor!

    310 403 4278. Text is best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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