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Hive rescue in Van Nuys needed today

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    Christy Wilhelmi

    Hi beeks,

    My landscape crew discovered a bee hive inside a dead tree right after cutting it down. They’ve cut the section of the tree where it lives and set it out of the way on the property so they can continue working. It’s inside a log, and there is comb and honey (my guys ate some of it, I guess when it fell some came out). The colony has calmed down enough for them to continue working, but they neighbors are concerned. Is someone available to go pick up the log and rescue these bees? I don’t think the work should be done on site unless it’s easy. I don’t have a visual on the situation, just reporting from second hand information. Email me at christy at gardenerd dot com for details.

    I’d go but I have an appointment in a couple hours in Pasadena.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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About Christy Wilhelmi

I teach people how to grow their own food through classes, consulting and food garden design/installation. We keep chickens and bees too--a great combination!


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