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    Mel Futrell

    This was forwarded to me, but fortunately, all of my neighbors are thrilled with my beehive & bees! So, passing it on, locally…

    “I am a producer working on a tv prevention for a major network about neighbors and I am trying to find neighbors who are trying to negotiate a disagreement in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas. I am on a very tight deadline, but I am hoping you may know of someone who might fit this bill. Maybe it is someone that is unhappy with the fact that he moved next door to someone who has bees. Or maybe it is someone who wants to get bees, but can’t because the neighbor is so against it. Or maybe it is an issue that I hadn’t even thought of! I do NOT want something that has risen to the level of litigation. Rather, I would like to get a story where both sides are just trying to work on the situation. Both sides must agree to be interviewed, but we will make it worth your time.

    For your information, here is a write up, which gives just a little more information about the show:


    Trisha Sorrells Doyle

    ceebs bailey

    I think all of us are much less inclined to create neighbor issues surrounding our bees than this. For those of us who worked so hard to get urban beekeeping legalized, no problems is a good thing. No need to sensationalize something that’s not there; we are happy to provide education on the topic to help quell misinformed fears.

    susan rudnicki

    Geez—here is a desperate “producer” looking to make a buck trying to bring attention to something that does not need publicizing. There is already WAY too much confrontational media coverage of such polarizing issues that serve to only divide us even more. No thanks!! Not interested in the “tight deadline” either. Bottom line—money

    Mel Futrell

    I didn’t get that vibe from her, but apologies for offending anyone. Just trying to pass along a request.


    susan rudnicki

    It is not your fault, Mel. I have processed a number of similar pleas from the “entertainment” industry since I have been a beek the last 8 years. It is a matter of putting the request in the larger cultural context, which is quite confrontational, divisive and aggressive—from what I see in media themes. Those of us keeping bees long enough in the city eventually get the clear impression the average citizen thinks “stinging” and “danger” when the word “bee” is uttered. That is where this producer went on the mind trip that brought forward this “story idea” —especially after perhaps learning that the effort to legalize beekeeping in LA was a contentious, drawn out affair. Responsible beeks are acutely aware of this balancing act and do NOT want a TV show emphasizing the potential controversies that erupt between neighbors. Let them feature arguments over room additions or parking, not beekeeping. We don’t need it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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