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LISTEN: Natural Beekeeper Kirk Anderson via @rootsimple

Root Simple’s interview with Kirk Anderson, a natural, no-treatment beekeeper and mentor. Kirk tells funny stories and shares his wisdom on how to keep bees in a big city. During the podcast they discuss:

[click here to view podcast on Root Simple]

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One Response to LISTEN: Natural Beekeeper Kirk Anderson via @rootsimple

  1. Alice Sommers April 24, 2015 at 6:31 am #

    Great conversation and I agree with your thinking and your take on that movie….as a beekeeper not using chemicals …and not having hives for money, the movie was very sad. We are currently using essential oils/apple cider and coconut oil for any issues that I see. Thank you for your passion and love for the honey bees…..and yes God made nature perfect, only when man tries to “FIX IT” is there a problem. We have hives at peoples houses and share the honey…..for the experience and to get the word out about bees.

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