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We would love to help you become an urban beekeeper!

STEP 1: Find a mentor and local beekeeping community to join!
The single best way to learn is to get some hands-on mentoring: before you get bees, while you have bees, and then pay it forward and become a mentor. All aspiring beekeepers need to find a mentor or take classes before getting bees. Members of HoneyLove can join us at the Sanctuary each month—check the events page for full details on how to join us!

Become a member here:

Save The Bees Book
STEP 2: Get educated!
Pick up a book or two and learn all you can about beekeeping BEFORE getting bees!
Check out Save The Bees BOOK – written by HoneyLove founders Rob & Chelsea McFarland


STEP 3: Get your gear!
Below is a list of the basic tools/gear we recommend to get started as an urban beekeeper. You can purchase these locally at a beekeeping store or online.

Below are links you can use to order your gear/supplies online:

Full Suit & Veil: (Members of HoneyLove receive a 10% discount, email us to get the code!)


Hive Tool:

(Members of HoneyLove receive a 10% discount, email us to get the code!)

Bottom Board:

Top Cover:

Medium Hive Bodies (we recommend 2+): 

Super (we recommend 2+):

Medium Frames (ask for assembled / foundationless):

Or you can visit our Local Los Angeles Beekeeping Supply Stores (always a good idea to call ahead)

  • Los Angeles Honey Co – 1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles 90063 | (323) 264-2383

 Other products available from (make sure to pick HoneyLove as your charity!):

Linseed Oil (to paint the outside of your hive)

5 Gallon Bucket

Bucket Organizer

Spray Bottles

Duct Tape

Rubber Bands

The bee-friendly plants, as well as a water source of your choosing you can pick up from your local nursery. The water source featured above is a terra cotta saucer (20″ or so) and some red river rocks or Mexican beach pebbles. Simply fill the saucer with the rocks and some water – this will serve as your bees water source and must be set up before getting your bees.

*If you would like a HoneyLove patch for your beekeepers suit – you can become a MEMBER of HoneyLove!
HoneyLove Patch
STEP 4: Get your hands sticky!
Keep us posted on your honey bee adventures—we would love to see photos from your apiary! Yay bees!!