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Unusual new hive box.

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    ceebs bailey

    From Omlet, a UK company. Uses deep National frames (14”x12”) for the brood box.

    Rob McFarland

    What a terrible website. Was curious how much they were charging for these, but it doesn’t say anywhere on the page. When you click ‘buy now’ it just jumps down the page to reviews of some chicken products. LOL. I think it seems like a decent product, although I probably wouldn’t buy one if for no other reason than it’s made of plastic.


    Here is a blog reviewing the beehaus:

    I think I still prefer this Thomas Hybrid Hive =)

    hybrid hive

    marty hanks

    Around here we call them “long boxes”. Like a TBH but the benefit of using standard frames. GREAT when getting a nuc or doing splits which is a major drawback to the TBH’s. I’m not a fan of plasitc either, but the idea of insulation on the sides is great. Our current boxes only provide R.93 or insulation value. WAY less than a tree so i see a higher value in that.

    Chelsea: the only issue i have w/ the above TBH is the intersection at the vertical supper and the lower roof. Being in construction i worry(wonder) about rain hitting the supers then dripping on the TBH frames & bees. I guess this guy grew up in the 60’s split level era! 😉



    Thank you for the warm welcome! 🙂

    The Thomas Hybrid Hive is truly a wonderful hive for honeybee colonies (up to 3) and is a multitransferable hive for hive stewards/beekeepers.

    The Thomas Hybrid Hive has been field tested over 4yrs in the usa and overseas without any issue of water entering the hive body or onto the TH2 topBARS (rain, snow, sleet, hail, hurricans).

    FYI: The Thomas Hybrid Hive web link attached to Chelsea Mcfarland’s post 1.2.14 is incorrectly posted/error.

    The correct Link is.

    Thanks for correcting 🙂

    Would bee happy to answer questions.
    Until next time BEE WELL~!~
    Meme Thomas

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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