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underground bees!!!

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    Miri Stevenson

    I’m sorry if I’ve created not relevant topic.. I need your advice.
    can you give any info on hive located under ground? recently one was disturbed at our neighbors yard, now, there is a new hive in our yard…or maybe it was always there…not sure what to do. can it or should it be removed? what kind of bees live underground?

    ceebs bailey

    It’s quite likely they are not honey bee but are hornets, yellowjackets, etc. This link should help:

    susan rudnicki

    Miri— hornets are not found in So Calif—I checked with a entomologist a long time ago. Second, honey bees sometimes occupy holes in the ground, such as exist under rock piles, firewood piles, old tree stumps, under the root systems of pepper and olive trees, sycamores, etc. I have removed them from some of these homes. They do not necessarily need aggressive approaches, like removal. Depends on if they are in a human traffic pattern or house area. First you need to ID what you have. Then, if you want them humanely located, please read the guide sheet on this site to help you know what that process looks like—at the drop down menu “About” then select “rescue bees” and look for “live bee removal best practices” You must pay for this service—people do not work for free

    Thalia Daniels

    I think that is a hornet’s nest.

    susan rudnicki

    Well you’d be incorrect. First of all consult with the entomological groups—there are NO hornets in So Calif. Second Chip and I removed these honey bees successfully from their soon to be demolished ground nest

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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