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Swarm Available in Westchester

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    Christy Wilhelmi

    Posting for a friend, please contact him directly if you want this swarm:

    Details on the colony: “First seen by Dana at Emerson Avenue Community Garden. Football sized ball of festooning bees, clinging to tree kale plant, within 6″ of the ground. Only 2 or 3 scout bees near the cluster at any given time.

    About 6PM yesterday (9/8/19) Paul held the quiescent dense cluster while Dana snipped the kale stalk. The cluster remained together (intact) as Paul gently placed it in the bottom of a NUC box … and applied a lid. We transported it to our backyard. After an hour, Paul looked in the NUC to find the cluster had spread around the sides of the box, but was still quite calm and quiet. They eased out of the way as two frames were inserted.

    We’ve not handed over a colony to anyone (except to our ‘mentor,’ Ian), so we aren’t conversant with how to evaluate qualifications of prospective beekeepers. I’m glad to act as contact. Message or voice contact: 310 850 8022. Or email

    Bees are going in and out of the small entrance to the NUC and seem to be calmly exploring our backyard. (Have not seen any aggression or defensiveness; and, not surprising, no obvious concern about the neighboring hive.)”

    Thanks, Christy

    Michael Georgia

    I have contacted him, and I am going to go pick them up tonite.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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I teach people how to grow their own food through classes, consulting and food garden design/installation. We keep chickens and bees too--a great combination!


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