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struggling bees need treatment free keeper in NELA

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    allison alford


    I have a hive in Northeast LA that is struggling and in need of an experienced keeper. It’s being hosted in the yard of lovely people and they greatly enjoy having them there. The hive needs some tender love & care and may possibly be in the midst of replacing their queen so may need eggs, brood & some stores for that process. I can give you more details, if you’re interested please call.

    Please call if you’re interested: 904-610-2574

    Thank you!

    susan rudnicki

    HI, Allison—Are you a HoneyLove member? We often announce mentorships that are available at the regular monthly meeting. If you come out (the meetings are announced under the “events” tab of the website) you will get the opportunity to meet a potential mentor. Regarding this hive—are YOU the one who actually needs a “experienced” keeper? Hives placed on tenencies need inspections just as often as ones kept at home. One thing to know—unless you are willing to pay a person with the resources (brood, eggs, stores) it is not a fair exchange.
    There is a lot of missing information here that a experienced beek would need to know–
    How old is the colony?
    How was it obtained—swarm, cutout, package bees
    How many hive bodies is it, both mediums and deeps—or is it a top bar hive?
    How often have inspections been done and when was the last one?
    What was seen on the last inspection? (how much brood, eggs, honey, bee population)
    Put up this information and help educate everyone reading. Thanks

    David B

    I checked this hive, which turned out to be a dead-out.

    If anyone else in NE Los Angeles/Pasadena has ailing hives, I’m glad to come over and take a look.

    Reach me at

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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