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Share the Beekeeper’s Voice: Support USDA tax-payer funded research

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    The Pollinator Stewardship Council is deeply concerned about recent reports of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture scientists who have faced consequences or investigations when their work called into question the health and safety of agricultural chemicals. We believe USDA must maintain scientific integrity, and not allow harassment, censorship or suppression of science-based findings. We are concerned that tax-payer funded research is being withheld from the tax- payers due to suppression of USDA scientists. Beekeepers are tax-payers, and integral agricultural stakeholders who rely on the research of USDA scientists to protect the national resource of pollinators so vital to a nutritious diet. The Pollinator Stewardship Council urges you to contact your Congressional Representative to take the necessary steps to ensure USDA maintains scientific integrity in the protection of the health of the land so all agricultural stakeholders can work together to protect natural resources and the environment. Speak up for honey bees; share the beekeepers voice. Send an email to your Congressional Representative and Senator today by choosing from one of three letters, or feel free to send all three letters.


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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