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Need help to safely move bees on same property

Home Forums HoneyLove Forum Need help to safely move bees on same property

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    Alice Pero

    I have a wonderful nest of peace-loving bees who set up a nest in my front porch pillar (outside) and have been pollinating my backyard herb garden for a couple of years. Now I have heard from a neighbor that her sons are allergic to the bees (although they have not been stung by mine) and she is complaining the nest is too close to her house. How can I have the bees moved to another place on my small property? I am not a beekeeper, only a bee-lover. The bees are welcome in my garden and since bees are endangered, I want to do something to protect them and keep them near, but don’t want the liability that this woman is concerned about.

    Rob McFarland

    Hi Alice,

    My recommendation would be to get in touch with one of companies listed on our rescue bee page found here:



    Max Morgan

    Alice – bees can fly up to a 5 mile radius. I’m not sure that relocating bees on, as you say, “a small property”, is really going to exonerate you from any neighbor liability issues. They should probably be completely removed from your property. Case in point: I assisted on a removal over the summer where the homeowner was actually cited by the County for aggressive bees after a nearby neighbor had complained.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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