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Map of Cities with Legal Beekeeping

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    Ruth Askren

    Hi Guys, back in the day there was a group effort to chronicle the cities in in LA County where beekeeping is legal. This information would be helpful to me now but Google is not helping me to find it. I’m specifically looking for the ordinance for Culver City if there is one. In addition, publishing the location of legal cities would be a service to all urban and aspiring beekeepers.
    Thanks! -Ruth

    shredder wasright

    I’ve heard that not only bees keeping is illegal, but making manuka honey ( buyer’s guide is also illegal

    susan rudnicki

    Well, what you have “heard” is incorrect and can be found with municipal citations showing otherwise. As to “manuka honey”, simply a nectar gathered from Leptospermum scoparium, or “Australian Tea Tree”—the plant is widely used in residential gardens for decades in the Los Angeles basin. We are unable to direct honey bees to gather nectar from any one source, so very likely there is “manuka” nectar in our wildflower honey, such as my bees produce.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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