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Honey Bees in aquaponic greenhouses

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    Mike Bordelon

    Mike Bordelon

    I am looking for information on using honey bees in aquaponic green houses to pollinate veg. I am a bee keeper in east Texas and had a request from a aquaponic farmer in the area to use several of my hives for pollination. If anyone out there has info about the subject it would be appreciated. It seems like the bees would have to have access to both the green house and outside and would be worked all year long. I would like a few thoughts before I commit one way or the other.

    Rob McFarland

    Hey Mike!

    Haven’t heard much about using honey bees in greenhouses, but I do know that bumblebees are used for pollination in commercial tomato greenhouse operations. The bumblebees are used until the crop is pollinated and then dispatched. They are non-native to the area (and carry parasites harmful to natives) so they can’t just be released. Don’t think that I would be comfortable confining a hive to a greenhouse for an extended period of time, I just picture bees repeatedly flying into the glass trying to get out.

    Let us know what you decide. Thanks!


    Mike Bordelon

    I am new to forums. Been keeping bees for 10 yrs as a hobby. Try to keep 15 hives going each year. Suffer lose of 20 to 40 % each year which are replaced thru splits. Don’t use chemicals. Beetles (west African hive beetle my biggest problem).

    So that’s me — I am hopping Michael Bush is out there and might offer his thoughts using honey bees in aquaponic farming; not that I don,t appreciate your prompt response and info. I was surprised at your quick response. I am going to like the honeylove forum.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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