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glendale hive in tree

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    allison alford

    There’s a hive in a tree in Glendale. It’s in the tree along a sidewalk on Cottage Grove Avenue between East Palmer Avenue and Brier Lane.

    It looks like some neighbors have caulked up the bee entrance today. The hive is in the tree low on the ground. They’ve been established in the tree for a couple months. The bees locked out of the hive are grouped at the entrance.

    I’m not sure if the bees can be saved at this point, but if anyone has any advice, it’s much appreciated!

    susan rudnicki

    This is a trapout and is a job for only a experienced beekeeper who can provide brood comb for a bait hive and a number of visits post-placement in order to monitor the situation and effectiveness of the work. See if Kirk Anderson at 323-646-9651 can refer you to someone with the right skill set.

    allison alford

    thank you so much! i just chatted with kirk. i greatly appreciate your reply!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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