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    Rick Nakao

    I do bee rescues from time to time and want to connect with people who would like to have them. Reading through some of the forum topics. You should have experience with feral bees.


    David B

    Hi Rick,

    I have several out yards where I keep feral bees. I requeen the really mean ones.

    Please contact me at



    Sebastian Felbeck

    Hi Rick,

    I have a hive of feral bees in my backyard and would like to add more as I have the space. I would be interested in any bees you come across as well.

    Please contact me at sfelbeck@gmail



    Jewel Greenberg

    Hi, Rick – I could re-home a swarm as well. Feel free to add me to your list.


    Otto Penzato

    Hi Rick,
    Add me to your list as well. I have some experience with feral bees and am looking for a new swarm to rehome. I have a hive set up & ready to receive them & am on the hunt this swarming season, and am registered as swarm rescue with honeybee911. I would be happy to tag along on any bee rescue calls you may respond to as well, if available.

    If you respond to this comment I’ll send along direct contact info so I can be available for any rescue.


    Mark Harrison

    Some bees swarmed in my front yard around noon today. They have settled on the outside of the facia board at the front of my porch, just above standard door height. Can email a photo. Free for the taking. Rowland Heights, 91748. Please contact asap or they may be gone.

    Thanks, Mark Harrison
    harrisonfree at earthlink dot net
    626 nine-six-four-five-two-one-seven


    Mark Harrison

    The bees that arrived yesterday have departed on their own in the last hour. Won’t be needing your services after all. Thank you anyway.

    Best regards,

    Mark Harrison


    Evelyn Nguyen

    We have some bees, I dont know the type, that have settled on the top of our sauna. I dont know much about bees. I did not an intro presentation about bees in Santa Monica a few month ago. I want to keep the bees and move them to another location on the property, is that something that could be done?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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