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Bee Rescue – 1821 Purdue Ave, West Los Angeles

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    laurence Franks

    Hive is in a three foot high stucco wall along common walk path in apartment complex. Hive established for more than one year. Landlord tried to have pest control poison and patch up cracks being used as entrance and exit to hive. Bees still causing a problem for tenants and thankfully they are looking for a rescue this time. Bees are probably using a hole in the back side of the stucco wall which will be a little harder to access due to plants and trees. Probably can remove stucco from front of wall to access hive. Landlord is Michael Cha (310) 774-6684. Nino is the tenant who first reported the hive (424) 387-1189.

    ceebs bailey

    A hobbyist or amateur should absolutely not be handling this removal. The landlord should be well aware that a licensed, insured, knowledgable bee rescuer is best to invite on to his property and begin knocking out a wall or doing a lengthy trapout. Very few beeks (but some) will want to take on a colony that has poison in its recent history. Please have the landlord check our rescue bees page or email me for trusted local referrals for removal.



    susan rudnicki

    Laurence—as a experienced bee rescuer, I would add to the above that the average citizen often does not knowledgeably assess the structures bees are inhabiting. The public also does not understand the way bees build their colonies, which is fundamental to doing the job humanely. “Stucco” walls can have a LOT of heavy interior structure— if not be applied as a finish layer to concrete block, even. This type of material is not easily penetrated. So, a wall job requires a trap-out, a technical procedure of the highest order and which can take several weeks, and which almost NO ONE in the LA basin has the expertise to perform knowledgeably. Most clients just want things “fixed” immediately, but this is not compatible with true humane removal/trapout from a block wall. Most clients also are loathe to pay a decent wage for the skills and the time, as well.

    laurence Franks

    Absolutely need a pro for this. Thanks. I’ll direct them to the bee rescue page.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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