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    I’m searching for help with bee removal! My parents are remodeling a part of our house into a small apartment, however, right at the main entrance, there is a huge beehive inside the wall. The bees are really stubborn and quite violent. I don’t want them exterminated, but my family can’t afford expensive removal. Does anyone know of trusty, cheap (or free) removal? I’m in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles. Any help is good help.

    Thank you!

    ceebs bailey

    Surely the remodel crew is not working for free, why should the bee rescuer? Click here to google a live-bee removal service:


    Actually, the remodel crew is working for free. (The remodel crew is one person: my father.) Thanks anyways.

    Bruce Choat

    Give me a call, I can come in and remove them. (818)746-6276


    Dyna Ray

    Hi Samantha,

    I am living in Australia, I know some online pest control professionals they will definitely help you to remove bees.

    You may visit here:

    Hope you like my advice.

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    susan rudnicki

    Dyna—HoneyLove is a BEEKEEPING organization, not a referral service for the extermination programs of those killing our honey bees—please do not post such businesses on our site. There are other places available for such information. I rescue dozens of colonies from potential extermination every year. The goal of rescuing honey bees is in recognition of the valuable services they provide, the preservation of Nature and the avoidance of more toxics dumped into the environment which impacts humans and other creatures. A good deal of the food on your plate is made possible through the assiduous work of the honey bee.

    Ronald Kirkland

    google it

    Nancy Burleson

    Hi Samantha,
    Try Rapid pest control. They provide bee removal service in London Ontario. They have good customer reviews & their prices are competitive.

    susan rudnicki

    Nancy—HoneyLove is a group of BEEKEEPERS, and we do not support “pest control” services as a viable, humane, answer to saving honey bee colonies. The perception of the inexpert public that price and speed are the criteria indicating quality is very flawed. Customer “reviews” are based on no other criteria because almost NO homeowner watches the typical response of “bee removers” which is trashing all the colony’s brood (unborn baby bees) wax combs and food stores.

    Chelsea K

    Destroying honey bee hives and taking the bees out with them will have detrimental effects on agriculture and life as we know it. As an Agriculture Education major, I understand the importance of keeping these bees alive. Honey bees play a very special role in our ecosystems, helping with the production of crops such as watermelon, squashes and almonds. It is why farmers and the broader agriculture industry work so hard to protect these pollinators ( According to a 2017 article, bee populations began declining as a result of habitat loss, reduced food sources, exposure to pesticides and effects of climate change ( In 2015 to 2016, there was a 44% loss in the US alone ( The National Resources Defense Council stated that “The number of hives in the United States is now at its lowest point in the past 50 years” ( This does not just include honey bees but other species as well. Without bees, the future of agriculture and life as we know it could change forever, and not for the better. I understand a lot of you think that the enquirer of the bee removal should just have them exterminated, and to just move on with her life. For example, Nancy Burleson, I understand your recommendation for a pest control company. However, like many of the other participants you fail to provide any information into regards as to why. I understand that these bees could potential be dangerous, and it may not be safe to remove them on one’s own. There is a website called Honeybee Swarm Removal ( that shows a map of the world and provides different companies that provide bee re-homing. This is a very useful resource considering we do not know where the enquirer is from, and this website could potentially be helpful to her. There was only one participant in this discussion forum who was totally opposed to using pest control methods. That participant was Susan Rudnicki. Susan, I completely agree with your position and I like how you added in your own personal experience in removing and re-homing bees safely and effectively. I believe saving and protecting these amazing creatures is very important to the stability of our future. Without bees, our food sources could potentially become scarce due to the lack of these food sources becoming pollinated. We cannot rely solely on pollination by wind because it is just not enough to produce enough food for our growing population.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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