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We would love to help you become an urban beekeeper!

STEP 1: Find a local beekeeping community to join!
Hands-on experience and education before getting your own beehive is very important. If you live in Los Angeles we would love to have you join us:

Below are a few of our favorite books:
Practical-Beekeeper by Michael Bush

Plan-Bee by Susan Brackney

Complete Idiots Guide to Beekeeping by Dean Stiglitz

STEP 2: Get your gear!
Below is a list of the basic tools/gear we recommend to get started as an urban beekeeper. You can purchase these locally at a beekeeping store or online.

FEATURED ABOVE: 10 frame assembled medium hive body and medium super with a regular bottom board with foundationless frames.
Item numbers: 986Z, 990BZ, 751, 495, 775, 713, 673 (you will have an option to choose what sizes you would like) – these items can also most likely be purchased locally at your nearest beekeeping supply store.

Los Angeles Beekeeping Supply Stores (always a good idea to call ahead)

Los Angeles Honey Co – 1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles 90063 | (323) 264-2383

Pierce-Mieras Manufacturing – 2536 Fender Avenue, Ste. A, Fullerton 92831 (714) 447-3855 (ask for “Ray’s Special” aka foundationless frames)

The following (or similar) items you can purchase anywhere:–Pockets/dp/B0000DYVAJ/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1307589956&sr=1-1

The bee-friendly plants, as well as a water source you can pick up from your local nursery. The water source featured above is a terra cotta saucer (20? or so) and some red river rocks or Mexican beach pebbles. Simply fill the saucer with the rocks and some water – this will serve as your bees water source and must be set up before getting your bees.

*If you would like a honeylove patch for your beekeepers suit – you can become a MEMBER of HoneyLove or purchase one through our etsy shop!

STEP 3: Get your hands sticky!
The single best way to learn is to get some hands-on mentoring: before you get bees, while you have bees, and then pay it forward and become a mentor!

You can join us at the HoneyLove Sanctuary the 3rd Sunday of each month in Moorpark, CA—check the events page for full details on how to join us!

Keep us posted on your honey bee adventures—we would love to see photos from your apiary! Yay bees!!


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