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Victory! Backyard Beekeeping Approved by Mar Vista Community Council

“After months of campaigning and a lot of hard work  from grassroots, local food organizations like Honeylove, California beekeepers received a big break. At the Mar Vista Community Council meeting last night, a motion was passed to allow for the implementation of a Beekeeping Pilot Program in Mar Vista, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The move came after more than 1,900 members signed a petition created by Mar Vista residents Chelsea and Rob McFarland, the founders of Honeylove. The request for a pilot beekeeping program will now move on to the Los Angeles City Council.

In the Community Council’s own words: “The [Mar Vista Community Council] Board therefore recommends the implementation of a Beekeeping Pilot Program in [order] to test safety and develop best practices for future expansion. We urge the City of LA to adopt a policy that includes conditions relating to maintenance, location, registration and notification to assure for the safety of all residents which may result in the continued preservation of quality of life and preservation of single-family residential districts.”

Essentially, the Mar Vista Community Council voted in favor of urban beekeeping in its community, a small section of the larger city of Los Angeles.  Now it’s up to the Los Angeles City Council to decide if the beekeepers can, in fact, have their pilot program in Mar Vista.

Honeylove and other beekeeping advocates worked very hard on this campaign, spreading awareness about the need for urban beekeeping programs. Bees provide a full one-third of America’s food supply through pollination, so the McFarlands feel that Los Angeles should support beekeeping in the city. Beekeeping is also especially essential right now, as a large percentage of America’s honeybees have been dying off recently due to Colony Collapse Disorder.

Thanks to all of you who supported this petition, and stayed tuned! Chelsea McFarland plans to eventually start a new campaign urging the Los Angeles City Council to support the pilot beekeeping program.”

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