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We are really excited to invite you to this month’s HoneyLove Workshop:

8/11/12 @ Cella Gallery in North Hollywood

Topics include: DIY Wax Foundation & Starter Strips, Beeswax Candles, Solar Wax Melters…

Come and get your hands dirty with us!!
FREE!! All ages welcome!!

More information: facebook / meetup

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Solar Beeswax Melter

I have a bunch of beeswax from cut-outs…so what to do? I came up with this design based on a few I’d seen online and was able to pull together most of the material from around the house. The concept is pretty simple – sun heats up metal, melting wax into a trough. 

Seemed to be working well, though I think it needs a full day of sun to fully melt the wax. It got warm enough today to melt the wax into piles, though not warm enough to make it run into the trough. We’ll see tomorrow after it gets full sun all day. 

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